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Woman Uses CPR to Save Child


A Good Samaritan saved the life of a toddler who fell into a pool at an apartment complex in Chandler. Firefighters say three-year-old Jayla will recover just fine, after a close call.  Her babysitter says he looked away for just a moment, and she went under water. 

A CPR certified neighbor heard the cries for help and rushed to the pool, finding the toddler breathless and without a pulse. 

After a couple of CPR breaths and chest compressions, Jayla was breathing again.  The neighbor, who helped save her, hopes this is a lesson for others to learn the lifesaving skill. 

Mindy Painter a CPR Certified individual says, “Learn it… everybody that can- go learn it because it’s so important. I’ve always preached that because so many people don’t know it… I think everybody should go learn it”
Firefighters say Jayla might not have made it if it wasn’t for the fast response of citizen CPR.

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