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Video: Man dances on ambulance with patient inside


A Las Vegas man reportedly chased paramedics into an ambulance before dancing on top of their vehicle- and it’s all on tape.

The man reportedly was high on illicit substances at the time of the incident, swaying about in a trance-like dance as he kept paramedics from transporting an individual to the hospital.

A local wedding DJ named Matt Lindsey reportedly saw the man dancing on the ambulance and decided to snap a quick video of the scene.

“Obviously, he was having a good time,” Lindsey said.

Posting the video to Facebook, the video generated thousands of views overnight.

When paramedics tried to get the man to dismount the vehicle, he allegedly threatened them with a knife, prompting them to lock themselves inside of the ambulance. When police were called, the man carried on for about eight more minutes before he was taken to the hospital.

According to KTNV, the man was considered to be too incoherent to be arrested and may face charges upon his recovery.

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