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Video: Firefighter shares details after truck goes airborne during tornado with him inside


A Baton Rouge firefighter, tossed into the air by a tornado, is sharing the frightening details of his near-death experience.

WAFB News reports Dustin Spiess showed up at the tow yard Monday to collect belongings from his damaged truck. The truck is nothing more than a twisted mess … the windows are blown out.

He said he’s in total disbelief that he could survive the twister’s death grip.

“It picked up my truck like it was a toy and threw it. The back of my truck lifted up, and I was looking straight at the ground through my windshield,” Spiess tells WAFB.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the video of what happened must be priceless.

That ride was caught on surveillance cameras from a RaceTrac gas station. The video shows a large tree being slammed to the ground. Seconds later, Spiess’ truck goes airborne.

He tells WAFB the truck landed face first on the pavement. In the video, Spiess can be seen running across the parking lot.

“I barely can remember that part. I was in shock. I guess as soon as I landed, I just moved out and made sure I had all my arms and legs, and I was running to get help,” he says.

Finding it difficult to travel in such severe weather, Spiess made the decision to stop at the gas station and let the rain pass. WAFB reports while some folks saw the funnel cloud in the area and took cover, Spiess says he never saw it coming. After spotting it on television later, he has no doubt it’s what hit him.

“I had no idea. I’ve never seen a funnel that defined and that type of tornado in the middle of the city,” Spiess tells WAFB.

Except for a few cuts, bruises and soreness, Spiess is expected to be okay. He says it’s a miracle he walked away with his life.

“All I can tell you is God had his hand on me. If not, I wouldn’t be here right now,” Spiess tells WAFB.


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