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Video: Boaters douse flames proving necessity is truly the mother of invention


Boaters in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada, are being hailed as heroes after using the only tool they had at their disposal — their boat’s massive rooster tail — to extinguish a wildfire on the banks of the South Thompson River.

According to Sploid News, Tasha Hunt and Koyne Watson were taking their jet boat for a spin when they spotted a grass fire on river’s bank.

What the boaters did next captured the interest of fellow boater Lorrie Jane, who was also on the river when this heroic act of boating went down. Jane captured the feat video with her phone, then posted the heroics to Facebook.

Jane’s video shows the jet boaters never gave into the blaze, and after several passes to site in their target, Hunt and Watson used the jet boat’s rooster tail to almost completely extinguish the flames before Kamloops Fire Rescue arrived on scene to finish the job.


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