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U.S. Army soldier’s brand new SUV explodes into flames on base


A US Army soldier in Washington watched in horror as his 2018 Jeep Cherokee burst into flames for seemingly no reason, prompting the The Joint Base Lewis-McChord Fire Department to step in and get the situation under control.

Staff Sergeant Joseph Lewis was driving around the joint military base on Saturday morning when he suddenly noticed that several controls on his 2018 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk -which had less than 1,000 miles on it- were malfunctioning.

“It was like a light show on the dashboard with different lights turning on and off and the stereo strobing,” Lewis said. “Then the car sputtered and shut off.”

When efforts to restart his vehicle failed, Lewis dismounted from the vehicle and began to dial for assistance. At that time, he noticed flames burning under the hood of the vehicle.

Popping the hood, he found himself faced with an inferno that only grew as time passed.

“At this point, I knew there was nothing I could do,” Lewis said. “It was unbelievable how fast the flames spread. In less than five minutes the whole hood of the car was engulfed in flames.”

When base firefighters arrived, it took about thirty minutes to put out the flames- but the problems didn’t end there.

“It took a while to load the car onto a tow truck because the car had to be scraped from the pavement,” Lewis said.

According to ABC News, Lewis has since been given a loaner vehicle from the dealership, who is working with his insurance company to figure out a solution.

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