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Two Kids Sickened by Fumes from Running Car in Garage


Two young girls are expected to recover after being pulled from a garage where a car was left running car.  The two girls’ uncle and other family members were preparing to go out Thursday morning. The uncle brought the two-year-old and four-year-old girls into the garage. The car was running.

When other family members were lagging, the uncle went back into the house to see what was taking the others so long to get into the car.  When the uncle left the garage, the car was running; the two girls were inside the garage and the uncle shut all the doors into the garage. He was inside the house about five minutes.

When the family members returned to the garage, they noticed one of the girls had fallen to the floor and that the other one didn’t appear well. The mother called 911. She and the uncle gathered the youngsters into their arms and stood on the street corner, waiting for an emergency response team to arrive.

When Glendale firefighters arrived on the scene they saw no ventilation was in the garage at all.

The firefighters gave the girls oxygen while they were en route to St. Joe’s Hospital. And when they arrived at the hospital, they were given hyperbaric oxygen treatments.

The girls’ prognosis is good. Both are expected to recover.

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