Home Fire News Two firefighters hit by car while shoveling snow outside station in Milwaukee

Two firefighters hit by car while shoveling snow outside station in Milwaukee


Two Milwaukee firefighters were hit by a car while shoveling snow outside of the station.

The firefighters-described as 38-year-old woman and a 29-year-old man- were reportedly clearing the path outside of their assigned fire station on Monday morning when they were hit.

Both individuals were rushed to the hospital and are expected to recover within a few days.

“It is dumb luck and the grace of God that we’re not dealing with a fatality or a critical injury here today,” said Milwaukee Fire Chief Aaron Lipski. “Because to put a firefighter between a sliding vehicle and the building creates a very, very different outcome here.”

According to Fox6Now, the driver of the offending vehicle was cited for going too fast in poor conditions.

“We are not respectful of each other, and we’re not at least aware that driving this two-ton bullet down the road could impact someone else’s life or lives,” said Lipski. “Let’s bring that awareness back to the forefront here.”

The incident was caught on surveillance cameras, and has since been making its rounds on the internet.

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