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Two Detroit firefighters diagnosed with Whooping Cough still worked with the public


At least two members of the Detroit Fire Department have been diagnosed with Whooping Cough- and were still working with the public.

While both firemen have been treated and cleared for duty, they worked with the general public for an unknown amount of time.

“It would really depend if there was close contact during an event,” said Dr. Robert Dunne, who oversees DFD medical care. “So a lot of the firefighters are doing first response, so they have very brief contact with patients, and some of the firefighters will have roles where they might be on ladder trucks where they are not doing medical care at all.”

A statement by the Detroit Fire Fighters Association President Mike Nevin said:

“The DFFA expects nothing less than the best treatment for our members in the event of an incident where our firefighters/EMS require treatment. This incident is being mitigated in real time, to make a specific comment would be disingenuous.”

According to Fox2, Dr. Dunne says it isn’t terribly alarming, since treatment time is limited and doesn’t really change much.

“If they already have it, you are treating them and you are doing the exact same thing if they have it or if they didn’t,” Dunne said. “Most people will have symptoms still going to be treated.”


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