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Truss Roof Collapse In Tenafly


A minor miracle occurred in Tenafly as the roof of a supermarket collapsed as customers and employees were inside resulting in no deaths and only minor injuries on February 26th. Snow had been falling for over twenty four hours in Northern New Jersey and well over a foot of snow covered the area when the bowstring truss roof of the 12,000 square foot “Tenafly Gourmet Farm” supermarket at 15 Piermont Road suddenly collapsed at about 11:00 AM. Luckily, due to the storm there were only five customers and nine employees in the store at the time of the collapse. About 2/3 of the roof came in blowing out the windows and bowing the walls on the “B” and “D: sides. By the time the first emergency units arrived all occupants had self evacuated. Numerous ambulances and rescue units were called to the scene for the possibility of numerous injuries and entrapments.

A brief search was conducted early on, but that was suspended due to the instability of the building. Tenafly’s Tower 2 was raised above the building to survey the scene from above. U.S.A.R. Teams were called as well as search dogs to confirm that there were no victims inside. The operation lasted for many hours. The structure will need to be demolished.

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