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Tires stolen off firefighter’s corvette parked outside fire house


Memphis firefighters were in shock when one of their own’s Corvette was stripped of its tires while parked outside of a local fire station

Memphis Fire Fighters Association members posted a picture of the plundered silver corvette sitting on concrete blocks, stripped of its wheels.


The robbery, who reported his car being fine early Thursday morning, said his car lasted about three hours before being reduced to its sad, photographed state.

“How would you feel if it was your stuff? You worked hard to get something you want, then you come home and someone has taken it,” victim Huggie Jones, said.

Due to a rash of wheel thefts, the Memphis Police have advised buying aftermarket locking lug nuts.

“A lot of people do use them and after seeing this information. It’s very important people get more wheel locks so the theft rate might go down,” said Autozone employee Joseph Whitfield.

According to WMC Action News 5, the wheels being stolen are not fancy aftermarket models, but stock wheels, which are worth more money.


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