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Take one for the team: Florida commissioner says he wants all first responders to get infected with coronavirus


A Miami Beach city commissioner asked first responders to “take one for the team” and volunteer to be infected with the coronavirus in order to curb its spread during an emergency city meeting this week.

According to the Miami New Times, Ricky Arriola made the comments after the city’s mayor expressed concern that first responders might unknowingly spread the virus to residents and one another.

“Frankly, if I had one message to send out to other people right now in government, at other levels of government, I’d say we desperately need to be able to test as much as we want to test and as often as we can test,” Gelber said. “We are this close to losing a lot of our first responders, and I don’t want to sound like the sky is falling, but that is something that could happen at any moment, and if it does, I think we’d be in a terrible place.”

Commissioner Arriola then followed up that statement with this remark, “Might we start thinking about — it’s dangerous but bold… our first responders voluntarily taking one for the team, going through the two weeks — guys, we’ve got to be serious about this — and then developing the immunity?”

Arriola has come back and stated it was a suggestion and something he would never approve up without scientific or medical approval.

He says he’s most worried about what would happen if Miami Beach’s first responders were hit with the virus all at once.

Arriola even told the paper that he would volunteer to contract the virus if he could be then become immune to it.

The scientific community has not come up with a clear answer about whether one can develop an immunity to COVID-19 after exposure. Some in China have even contracted the virus twice.

The idea comes from the “herd immunity” theory, where many people are exposed to a pathogen and those who survive then become immune to it for the remainder of their lives. The problem with the theory is if more people are exposed, it would collapse the health care system and the death toll would reach a higher number than if countries attempt to slow the spread until vaccines and other treatments can be developed.

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