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Protest Slows Ambulance – Winnipeg Fire and Paramedic Service


The Chief of the Winnipeg Fire and Paramedic Service wants the Critical Mass protest group to know he’s not happy that an ambulance transporting a patient in deteriorating condition was held up by the cyclists’ protest activities Friday.

Chief Wes Shoemaker says the ambulance was delayed not once, but twice while trying to get to the hospital.

Police estimate about 150 cyclists were involved in riding through downtown Winnipeg shortly after 5pm. A number of them prevented motorists from proceeding at numerous intersections. and Wes Shoemaker says the resulting gridlock delayed the ambulance.

Once it got through that, the ambulance encountered the riders on Tache, and it took some time for the Critical Mass group to get out of the way.

Shoemaker says he’s very concerned about that, and the ambulance crews have made statements to police. The patient was believed to be in stable condition on Sunday.

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