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On The Job – Daytona Beach Fire Department


Firefighters from Daytona Beach Fire Department were assisted by firefighters from Daytona Beach Shores in fighting a fire that consumed a large motor home that was parked under a canvas awning in the driveway of the beach side home. The fire also destroyed the contents of a garage including a SUV and heavily damages the single story home located at 4 Granville Circle, Daytona Beach. In addition to fighting the fire firefighters had to contend with an outside temperature on this sunny Florida afternoon of 97 degrees with a heat index that made it feel like 105. Fire investigators from Daytona Beach Fire Department and the State Fire Marshal’s Office stated that the fire most likely started in the garage and its cause is still undetermined and under investigation. The retired owners of this home had gone out for the afternoon to exercise and retrieve their boat from storage when the fire broke out. Heavy black smoke from the fast moving fire could be seen billowing across the Halifax River from several miles away as fire trucks were being dispatched from the main fire station on the mainland. Firefighters were met with  several explosions  including the large tires from the motor home, propane tanks and the tank from a cutting torch. The house located next door, just west of the fire scene, at 6 Granville Circle sustained heat damage to the siding from this fire. Neighbors directly to the rear of the fire property were seen putting water from a garden hose on their roof as the fire came dangerously close to their detached garage. Damages estimates from this fire are over $250,000+. There were no injuries civilian or firefighters at this incident.

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