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Off-duty officer drags couple from burning Maryland home

Montgomery County (MD) Fire & Rescue PIO Twitter

A Maryland couple were saved from a house fire after an off-duty police sergeant and fire lieutenant sprung into action.

Montgomery County Police Sergeant Scott Brooks was driving to work when he saw smoke in the distance as he passed through Colesville.

Noticing the Colesville Fire Department had not yet deployed, Brooks took action by notifying dispatch and headed to the fire.

“The door was locked [and] when I approached the house there was some equipment outside that lead me to believe one of the occupants was probably handicapped or elderly,” he said. “I tried the door it was locked; I ultimately kicked the door in.”

On the other side of the home, Sgt. Brooks found a woman who told him that her husband was still inside and needed help. As he led her out, Montgomery County Fire Lieutenant Lesley Owens arrived, having also noticed the smoke.

Brooks went back inside but had more trouble the second time around.

“There was a large amount of smoke in the living room area. Ultimately, I had to get down low. There was smoke basically from like the waist area up to the ceiling and I saw his legs,” said Brooks.

According to MyMCMedia.com, Brooks dragged the man out of the home, and fire units arrived shortly after.

Brooks said he had no reservations about going inside.

“We’re not firemen, we don’t have the proper equipment to really deal with it, but if it was my family or my parents in the house, I would expect that an effort would be made to get them out,” he said.

The fire is under investigation, and Brooks was jokingly offered a tentative position with the fire department.

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