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Non-locking quick connect coupling detaches when charged


While training in water supply procedures from a hydrant, a 4″ (sexless coupling, name deleted) connection was made to the pump discharge. Unknown to the person making the connection, there was a twist in the hose. As the hydrant was charged, the twist caused the (name deleted), older non-locking type, connection to come apart and resulted in a live loose section of 4 inch hose. There were about 6 people in the area either participating in the drill or observing.

Lessons Learned

The biggest lesson learned was to ensure all twists are out of the supply hose before it’s connected to the pumper. The hydrant person should open the hydrant slowly while watching for anything out of the ordinary. Hydrant person should be prepared to shut down the hydrant immediately if necessary. Aside from replacing all of our 4″ line with the newer locking style of (name deleted) sexless couplings, the key to preventing this is to recognize it as a possibility. Every attempt to remove twists from the hose before it’s connected should be taken.

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