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Most Annoying Things in the Firehouse

Just like the things that annoy your wife (or husband) after several years, there are things that go on in the firehouse for years that really become annoying. Some are simple and just like the ones you have at home, but some are pretty unique to the fire station.

Depending on the size of your station you may or may not have much private space. The smaller the station the worse the problem is with messy people.

I don't know of any fire station that gives each firefighter their own room, unless you are a Chief Officer.

That means that we usually live out of a locker, and have a bunk that may have a small table or desk next to it. Some people are clean freaks and some just like to dump their stuff on the floor. If that slob happens to be in the locker next to you, his junk on the floor, or on the supposed shared bench really becomes a problem. Their jacket, bag, shoes, or gym bag always seems to be in your space. If you give him some more room he just fills it with more junk. I never did find a solution to this one.

Close quarters also means that if your co-workers smell you get to deal with that for the entire day. This is a little nastier in the fire house for a few reasons. The biggest reason we tend to have odor issues is that we work for longer periods of time than other occupations.
Most people go home after work and take a shower and the problem is solved. We put on heavy coats and pants and get sweated up several times a day. Do that for 14 hours and you are going to stink. Skip that shower before bed and the whole bunk room stinks. You can smell nasty feet from a long ways away.
Newer fire stations have more and better shower facilities which help with firefighters taking more frequent showers. You can always ask the smelly guy why that other guy never takes a shower, and ask him if he notices how bad the other guy smells. That usually gets the message across without telling someone they stink.

Then there's the food. We all have our favorite recipes and sometimes no one shares that opinion. I have eaten a lot of things that were supposed favorites and really didn't like it, and it ended up no one really liked it but we were all afraid to tell the cook.
Everyone seems to have the best way to make a pot of chili.
I have seen it all, some combine several different meats, some add corn, some add celery, some add those nasty tasting green olives, and some think chocolate is a nice touch in a pot of chili. If you really want to taste some bad chili try the pot that had several cooks. Several cooks means lots of bad things can happen, and they usually do. If you really want to make your favorite chili try it at home, where there aren't so many opinions.

How many of you get those phone calls every 4th of July asking what time the fireworks are going to start? Thats a really stupid question, that people just keep calling to ask. I bet the fireworks will start as soon as it gets dark.

Simple things can add up and make things tense in the station. A little light hearted humor usually brings some of these issues to light. Solutions can be difficult, and a lot of times it isn't worth the effort to try and change someone.
There are a lot more serious things to worry about so try and laugh about these silly issues. Go with the flow and have fun with it. You can have a lot of fun watching the other guys get all worked up over silly stuff if you have the right perspective.

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