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Medic killed by own ambulance as it is stolen in New York


A paramedic has died in New York after a man stole the ambulance she was driving and ran her over.

Mother-of-five , 44, was responding to a call on Thursday night when she and her colleague realized a man was riding on the back bumper of their ambulance.

When they stopped to investigate, he went around the side of the vehicle and got into the driver’s seat.

He then put the ambulance in reverse, running over Ms. Arroyo.

The 14-year fire department veteran became trapped underneath the wheels before the vehicle crashed into several parked cars, eventually getting stuck on a snowbank.

A passing police officer apprehended the suspect, aged 25, with the help of a bystander.

Ms. Arroyo’s colleague, who was in the passenger seat of the ambulance, was treated at a Bronx hospital for minor injuries.

Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro told the Associated Press: “They were acting very bravely. They certainly wanted to continue on their way to the call. This person had no business being in this ambulance.”

New York mayor Bill de Blasio said: “I want to thank those good Samaritans who helped apprehend the perpetrator.

“A lot of heroism was on display amidst a great tragedy.”

He added: “We know our EMTs (emergency medical technicians) are brave.

“They do crucial work – they save lives – but they should not ever have to be subjected to violence. And yet, that danger always exists for them.”

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