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Man and dog survive being trapped in their car by eating Taco Bell fire sauce


An Oregon man survived being stuck in the snow for five days by eating Taco Bell sauce packets and starting his engine periodically to keep himself and his dog warm.

Jeremy Taylor and his dog, Ally, were rescued on Friday after a snowmobiler found the 36-year-old and dispatched a rescue team.

An avid off-roader, Taylor was last seen on February 24, and his vehicle became stuck in the snow on the same day.

According to ABC11, Taylor fell asleep in his SUV after he realized he was stuck, and awoke to discover that more snow had fallen, making a trek on foot too dangerous.

Surviving on Taco Bell sauce packets, the two managed to make it until they were rescued, though they were admittedly very hungry.

“Taco Bell fire sauce saves lives!” Taylor wrote on social media.

Oregon has been plagued with snowstorms in recent weeks.

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