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Male firefighter files discrimination lawsuit over the hiring of female firefighters


An aspiring male firefighter is threatening legal action against the Australian ACT Fire and Rescue, claiming their “50/50” gender representation police discriminates against men.

In documents filed with the ACT Human Rights Commission, the man noted that of the 802 Fire and Rescue applications received last year, only 144 were women.

The numbers, the man claims, shows that despite men often scoring higher, the women stand a better chance at being hired.

“Career firefighting is a dangerous role that requires an exceptionally high degree of fitness and endurance and strength,” he wrote. “Only the very best should be offered positions. A burning building, raging storm or any other event won’t back off in the name of gender equality.”

He noted that women who were recruited before the policy was introduced have been undermined by the politically-correct inclusion of sub-par female firefighters, whose only merit of entry over other applicants may be an x chromosome.

“Females have an unfair advantage in this recruitment process and so this is a violation of equality and therefore gender-based discrimination.”

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the government fought back on the matter, claiming that the man who made the claims has remained uncontacted. In fear for his future standing as a firefighter, the tribunal involved in handling the incident said his desire to be a firefighter was standing in itself and that his prospects of becoming a firefighter may be compromised by the policy.

“Arguably, as a consequence of such equal opportunity policies, there will be fewer places for male applicants, the standard for male applicants will be higher, and those male applicants who are not at the top of the selection process may miss out where they otherwise would have been successful,” Senior Member Heidi Robinson said.

The man was not available for contact.

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  1. Don’t hold your breath expecting a male positive outcome on this one. Australia is world renowned among all males as being the 2nd most outrageously unfair and unjust legal systems on earth ! (Canada being the worst ). Between the tyrannical orgy of governmental chivalrist / feminist running things, this chap doesn’t stand a winning chance at any job, if pitted against a Distressed damsel or that gang of equal opportunity bullies, regardless of competence or merit.


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