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Lorry Crashes Off Motorway


Memories of the Selby rail crash sprang to mind as rescuers arrived on scene of this road accident on the M25 Motorway early today. Rescuers were called just before 4am, to the section between Waltham Abbey (junction 26) and Enfield (junction 25) after reports of the lorry leaving the motorway. Initially, firefighters were called to a large fuel spillage, but is soon became apparent the incident was more serious. The Sainsburys HGV Artic had left the anticlockwise carriageway just before the main Liverpool Street to Stansted high speed rail link. Having left the motorway, crashing through the motorway crash barriers, it ploughed down the embankment, through a wooden fence, and into the field below. It still managed to travel about another 100 metres before overturning just yards from the rail line. Rescuers found the driver trapped, but conscious. He was stretched back across the field and up the embankment into a waiting ambulance, before being taken to hospital. More than 300 gallons of diesel was spilt prior to the crash. This was spread across all lanes of the motorway.

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