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Local man crushed by his car


A Dayton man was severely injured Wednesday when the car he was working on fell on him. Terry W. McKinney Jr., 24, was working on his 1995 Ford Mustang Wednesday afternoon at his home on Old Graysville Road in Dayton, according to Deputy Charlie Qualls.

McKinney had put the front end of the car up on ramps in order to remove the transmission, according to his girlfriend, Mandie Hillman, 22.

She told Qualls that McKinney instructed her to release the emergency brake. McKinney then “yanked” on something and the car rolled backward off the ramps, landing on his chest.

Hillman said she tried to drive the car back up onto the ramps but it wouldn’t go, so she ran inside and called 911.

McKinney, still conscious, then told Hillman to jack up the side of the car that was pressing on him.

Qualls and an ambulance from Rhea Emergency Medical Services arrived just before 4 p.m. and were able to move the car off of McKinney.

The ambulance crew transported McKinney to the Graysville Park where he was transferred to a LifeForce medical helicopter and transported to Erlanger Hospital in Chattanooga.

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