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Little girl raises over $8,000 to help children of fallen firefighters


A California girl has raised over $8,000 in order to help the children of fallen firefighters.

Five-year-old Faye Seragraves came up with the idea after she heard about a San Diego firefighter named Cory Iverson, who died last week in the endless battle against wildfires in California.

“She said she wanted to put a bucket outside and she wanted a note on the bucket that said put money in this bucket that and my mommy will donate it to children who have lost their daddies on the fire to have extra Christmas presents,” said Faye’s mom, Kylee Segraves.

Taking the lead, little Faye inserted $7 of her chore earnings. That money quickly turned into $8,000 as others followed her example.

“$7 of chore money Faye had and she put it in the bucket and what we gathered as a family was $112 and that has turned into close to $8,000,” said Kylee Segraves. “It’s just incredible what everybody can do when we come together as a community.”

According to KEYT, money raised will go directly to the Wildfire Firefighter Foundation Santa Fund.

They distribute the money towards the firefighter’s children from firefighters that are either injured, firefighters that have lost their lives or firefighters that are experiencing some sort of hardship and can’t make Christmas come together for their family,” said Mrs. Segraves.

The value of the experience comes from the heart- Fayes father is a firefighter who just spent over a week fighting the Thomas fire.

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