Home Safety Kneeboarding tow rope amputates girl’s arm

Kneeboarding tow rope amputates girl’s arm


A 13-year-old kneeboarder got her right arm tangled in the tow rope, which became so tight it cut off her forearm. LSU Medical Center in Shreveport says Ann Marie Haynie was listed in good condition today (Sunday).

Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries agents say she was kneeboarding Saturday afternoon on Cross Lake when the accident occurred,

Her mother, who had taken her daughter and three other teenagers onto the lake, rushed her to the nearest landing, where workers called 911.

Shreveport Fire Captain Mark Connella says that since the boat was moving and the water is dark, there was no way to find the arm.

KTBS-TV reports that a doctor says there was too much damage to reattach it, anyway.

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