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Good boy: Search & Rescue team carry injured 190-pound dog two miles down a mountain

Source: Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office

It was supposed to be a casual hike along the Salt Lake on Sunday for Floyd, a 190-pound mastiff, and his owner, but something happened about two miles in that forced them to change their plans.

According to KUTV, Floyd became injured and lame near the two-mile mark of the hike, which forced a Salt Lake County Search & Rescue team to be deployed to retrieve the human-sized dog.

The all-volunteer rescue team wanted to “make sure Floyd could get off the mountain with his human before it got too cold,” on Sunday night.

They loaded the ‘good boy’ onto a litter and carried down the mountain.

Floyd didn’t even put up a fuss when he was placed on the litter and smiled the whole way down.

The owner wasn’t sure what happened to Floyd during the hike, but he hopes his companion recovers quickly so they can try to tackle the mountain once again.

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