Gas leak prompts emergency response during American Idol auditions in Oregon


    Katy Perry collapsed during American Idol auditions in Oregon, and firefighters responded to what turned out to be a gas leak.

    Perry noticed the gas leak during a filming of the show, asking others if they smelled the substance.

    “Do you guys smell gas?” she asked.

    “Propane,” Luke Bryan responded.

    Complaining of a headache, Perry left the building, only to collapse outside. Not long after, the fire alarms went off and emergency services were dispatched.

    Perry was treated for gas inhalation and eventually began to feel better.

    On her back, Perry then began utilizing social media to keep her fans in the loop, joking by pretending to look incapacitated, complete with tongue hanging out.

    According to the Daily Mail, the American Idol series enters its 18th season.

    While many contestants performed, it was the Sumner County firefighters who were the real winners on Sunday.

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