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Garbage Truck Forced to Dump Flaming Cargo


Sometimes work stinks. Just ask Bobbie Watroba, who owns Four Wheel Drive Specialists in Gassville. She drove to work on Tuesday to find a pile of burning trash in her driveway. A deputy had spotted a sanitation truck with thick, heavy smoke billowing from its trailer. When firefighters responded, they climbed atop the vehicle to see if they could extinguish the fire, but couldn’t.

They then escorted the truck to the nearest spot where it could dump the smoking cargo – which happened to be Four Wheel Drive Specialists’ driveway.

“It sure stunk,” Baxter County Deputy Philip Melton said.

Firefighters doused the blaze with foam, and once the fire was extinguished, a front end loader was used to pick up the garbage and load it into a truck Dumpster.

Watroba said she also saw the chain of events unfold in her driveway. She started taking pictures to have proof when she told the story, she said.

The Baxter County Office of Emergency Management said it would clean up the trash and put fresh gravel on Watroba’s driveway.

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