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Funny Photo: Firefighters to the rescue as five UK police officers get trapped in elevator at Police Station


A little comic relief for cops in the UK…

When five officers got trapped in an elevator while on their way to a meeting at the Swinton Police Station — they had to be rescued by the local fire service.

The Manchester Evening News reports that the five constables loaded into the lift at 8am Friday morning, to get to their team meeting, when it got stuck between the ground and first floors.

They were trapped for about 45 minutes, but during that time they seemed to have a lot of fun with their predicament.

While their colleagues were in a jam, officials with the Salford department posted a photo of them on Facebook and joked:  “Do you remember Chilean miners rescued in 2010, we currently have 5 officers trapped in a Swinton lift,” adding the hashtag: ‘Pray for them’.

Sgt. Mike Parker told local media: “We joked about sending them down doughnuts on a bucket and rope and things like that, and it’s had a great response on Facebook.”

Their social media followers wrote in response: “Typical Brits even though they’re in such grave danger they still smile…” Another FB user posted: “Hope they are out before Christmas. xxx”

Well luckily, the stranded Swinton officers did get out in time for the holidays.

Eventually firefighters from the Greater Manchester area used the elevator’s emergency over-ride to lower them back to the ground floor, where they finally walked out.

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