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Fox Sports airs disrespectful graphic using the 9/11 Memorial Park

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Most things before they hit the airwaves are double-checked to make sure they are good for air. No graphic content, nothing that can be deemed offensive, or something that could get the company fined by the FCC.

On Saturday, a couple of editors didn’t do their job in checking their graphics and remove one that featured the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees logos overlayed on the 9/11 Memorial Park. In fact, the logos were placed directly over the two pools that signify where the buildings once stood.

The graphics are created way before the baseball game they air in, so there were plenty of people who saw this and rubberstamped it as ok for air. Either they didn’t realize it was the 9/11 Memorial Park and just one of the many parks in New York or they actually thought this was ok.

In either case, it’s disrespectful to the families and friends who lost loved ones on that day by using the tribute site to promote a baseball game. Let alone place the logos of the two baseball rivals directly over the twin tower sites.

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