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Four Motorists Had A Lucky Escape On London’s M25


Four Motorists had a lucky escape on London’s M25 Orbital Motorway this morning when 5 Trucks and a small van were involved in a collision. A Truck traveling in the middle lane of the Motorway suffered a tyre Blow out throwing debris onto vehicles following. Another truck instinctively swerved to avoid the debris and in doing so hit the small van, the van flipped over and another truck again swerved to avoid the van and flipped over and down onto the Embankment, hitting three other Trucks in the process. A Full Road Traffic Accident attendance was sent from London and Essex Fire Brigades, each sending Two Pumps a Rescue unit and a Senior Officer. First arriving Crews were amazed to find the occupants of the van were injured but walked away from their vehicle. The occupants of the truck that rolled had been thrown from the truck but although injured, the injuries were not life threatening. The 0630 Road Traffic Accident caused Gridlock on the Anti-Clockwise carriageway of the section of the motorway between Junctions 28 & 29. Once all of the injured were safely removed by London & Essex Paramedics, they cleared the scene and left the clear up and investigation to the Police.

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