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Former Fire chief files whistleblower lawsuit for wrongful termination


A Michigan fire chief claims he was wrongfully terminated after blowing the whistle on federal grant fraud and unpaid overtime for firefighters.

Daryl DuPage filed a whistleblower lawsuit against the Clay Township on Thursday, following his forced resignation in December of last year when he exposed corruption and misuse of funds.

Filing the claim in the St.Clair County Circuit Court, DuPage hopes his termination can be reversed.

“We want to get it right,” said Heidi Sharp, DuPage’s lawyer. “Instead of investigating and following up, they fired him. He was fired pretty much (when) he was doing a pretty good job one week and then the next week he was having meetings with trustees.”

DuPage’s lawsuit shows that firefighters were overcharged for ferry fares, as well as underpaid for overtime.

Both the Michigan Township Association and Department of Labor have been involved in the matter.

Still, DuPage’s firing only strengthens his attorney’s will to vindicate him.

“I know that Daryl didn’t come to this decision lightly,” Sharp told the Detroit Free Press. “But he knows it’s the only recourse at this point (so) that he receives the justice that he deserves.”


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