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Florida firefighter & girlfriend accused of stealing $40,000 from union, said they were going to pay it back



A firefighters union in Florida is disappointed with one of their former members who is accused of stealing roughly $40,000 in raised funds- and now he and his girlfriend are facing fraud charges.

Kissimmee Fire Department Lieutenant Kenneth Kurth and his girlfriend reportedly misused around $40,000 of funds for improper purchases.

The 10-year veteran of the department was a former IAFF Local 4208 union president who seemingly had no issue using hard-earned funds to make personal purchases and transactions.

Initially, Kurth claimed the matter was due to mixups in debit card usage and promised to pay back the union. However, the “payback” was a check for a mere $16,000- which just so happened to bounce.

According to News 13, KFD fired Kurth in December of 2018.

“It just affected his relationship and his ability to work here, especially as a lieutenant and a supervisor in this department,” said Kissimmee Fire Chief Jim Walls. “And he has just lost a lot of trust that he built up and that is needed to be in this organization.”

Earlier this week, Kurth and his girlfriend, Chelsea Brockenbrough, were arrested and charged with organized fraud and conspiracy to commit organized fraud out of Osceola County. They have since posted out of jail.

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