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Firefighter’s wallet stolen from firehouse while battling blaze


When the alarm went off, just like any other fire, Beaumont Firefighter August Oliver emptied his pockets and put on his gear to go battle the blaze not thinking anything of it.

Beaumont firefighter August Oliver said to 12 News, “We always empty out our pockets because on scene we get real sweaty, and we don't want our phones and our wallets to get ruined.”

Beaumont Fire Department Station #3 where Oliver's wallet was stolen while he was fighting a fire.

His wallet, keys and other items were left on the table inside Station # 3, according to 12 News, but when they got back from the fire his wallet was missing.

When Oliver returned he was not only shocked but concerned. $400 from a side job was sitting in that wallet that was already designated to pay the house payment.

Oliver said, “Me and my wife had just discussed this money is going to the house payment, we'll have some left over for our other bills, we're on a really tight budget, so it was a big, big hit.”

The next day his wallet was found but the money inside was taken. 

Beaumont Firefighter August Oliver had his wallet stolen from his fire station while fighting a fire. 

Oliver said, “As somebody who I usually try to think about other people with whatever I do, it really got me down.”

Clay Manzer, one of his fellow firefighter's decided to do something about the theft and has set up a GoFundMe account on Oliver's behalf.  Manzer posted, “We're not raising a million bucks, and not trying to buy a Playstation.  We're trying to help replace what was taken from August and his family, while doing his honorable duty.”

Oliver is touched by the the support saying, “I never expected anything like that just from my wallet being stolen.”

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