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Firefighters Tear Apart Wrong Vehicle


Albany firefighters were tearing apart a minivan as part of a training exercise when someone noticed the personal items inside. That’s when they realized they had trashed the wrong vehicle.

This week, Albany officials approved the city’s share of the $12,000 bill for the 2002 Dodge Caravan that was mistakenly ripped open during a drill at a junk yard a year ago.

Officials say the firefighters routinely practice accident scene rescue techniques by tearing open donated junked cars. In June 2004, they were supposed to practice on an older vehicle located on another part of junk yard.

Instead, they used the Jaws of Life to tear open a three-year-old minivan that was at the business to undergo repairs.

The owner of the junk yard admitted its role in the mistake and is splitting the cost of the van with the fire department.

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