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Firefighter’s seemingly impossible physical feat becoming a viral sensation


OK if I can do it so can y'all I'm 6'3 325 pounds

Posted by Sonny Coffey on Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Sonny Coffey is a mountain of a man by almost any standards. The volunteer firefighter in Iowa towers over most people a 6 feet and 3 inches and weighs around 325 pounds. While his mere size may impress many people he passes on the street or carries out of a burning building, his latest feat is sure to impress just about anyone. In a video that’s quickly becoming a viral sensation, Coffey can be seen fitting his entire body through an opening that seems so small that a child may have a rough time traversing.

Last week, Coffey and his colleagues were running a sort of training exercise in their firehouse. The goal of the exercise was to fit between two rungs in a ladder. This exercise obviously helps train firefighters on how to traverse seemingly impossibly small spaces in the event of a building collapsing when they’re inside. If the training is any indication, Coffey won’t have any problems fitting into even the smallest opening.

Coffee ran through the exercise and, after only two attempts, was able to fit his entire body through an opening that measures only 12 inches by 16 inches. All six feet, three inches, and 325 pounds squeezed through an opening barely larger most doggie doors! As you can see on Coffey’s Facebook page, the video is taking the internet by storm.

“I looked at it and I didn’t think I’d make it cause I am a big guy. I tried it the first time and I backed out. They all went through it so I decided I was going to do it again and I pushed myself to go through it,” Coffey told reporters with KLTV. On the third attempt, Coffey was successful.

“I was amazed with myself, that I actually did it,” Coffey exclaimed.

Iowa Fire Department Captain Dustin Mallet explained that people should take this as a lesson that with hard work, anything is possible. “They didn’t think he would make it, when he said his size and weight. A lot of people thought he wasn’t 325 [pounds] or there’s no way he’s that big, but I saw a lot of the bigger guys commenting, ‘Well if he can do it, I can.”

Just to prove it wasn’t a one-time fluke, Coffey decided to replicate the training exercise just a few days later. Not only was he successful, but this time he was able to beat his previous record by 45 seconds.

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