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Firefighters save Vietnam vet who passed out mowing his lawn, finish cutting for him


A fire crew in Fort Lauderdale assisted an elderly veteran on Monday after he suffered from heat exhaustion, and even went the extra mile to thank him for his service.

83-year-old Prince Pinkney was tending to his lawn alongside his wife Rebecca when he started to feel a little off.

“It was hot, and I got overheated,” he said.

Losing strength, Pinkney soon found himself at odds with his leg, which had diminished ability after a previous stroke.

“When it gave out, I just fell right in the yard out there,” he said.

“He slipped, he just fell,” said Rebecca. “I had him by the arm, but I couldn’t hold him up.”

According to WSVN, Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue was notified after a member of the community called 911, and an EMS unit quickly responded.

“We treated them and checked them out,” said FLFR Lt. Matthew Wells.

Not long after, paramedics began finishing the yard work that Pinkney had started.

A missile tech in the Vietnam War, Pinkney and his wife were given crisp salutes by the paramedics before they headed back to the station.

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