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Firefighters removed Confederate monument in New Orleans


The head of the New Orleans firefighters union confirmed that the city’s administration utilized half a dozen firefighters in the controversial destruction of the Battle of Liberty Place monument on Monday.

Wearing masks, helmets and flak jackets, the crew dismantled the Confederate monument, stirring up rumors that firefighters were put on the demolition detail.

“The bottom line is with these Confederate monuments, it’s not really something we deal with as firefighters,” New Orleans Fire Fighters Association’s President Nick Felton said, addressing reporters after almost an hour inside City Hall speaking with Landrieu’s team. “We should not be in riot gear. We should not be doing police-type work and we are absolutely concerned, you know, that that type of thing is going on.”

The city of New Orleans has been mum on the subject of their plan to strip down four Confederate monuments, refusing to give any details on future demolitions.

According to NOLA, the City Council’s decision to erase the historical monuments from the modern day scene has sparked an online frenzy, prompting some on social media to attempt and identify the masked first responders involved in Monday’s demolition.


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