Home Humor Firefighters in Mexico fall from truck after attempted stunt

Firefighters in Mexico fall from truck after attempted stunt


Firefighters may be heroes, but they are rarely acrobats.

Such was the curious case in Mexico, where nine daredevil hotshots narrowly escaped serious injury while performing a “human pyramid” maneuver atop a fire truck.

The incident took place during Revolution Day in the city of Puerto Vallarta, where the apparatus was moving at slow speed along streets lined with crowds.

Unfortunately, the pyramid collapsed, sending the firefighters plummeting to the ground.

According to the Daily Mail, three of the men were injured in the incident, with one suffering a skull injury.

Puerto Vallarta’s mayor Arturo Davalos Pena was pictured visiting the injured firefighters in hospital.

“I would like to inform you that they are being treated at the moment and we will be offering them and their families all our support,” the mayor said. “I will personally be keeping abreast of the situation.”

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