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Firefighters get shot at after reviving overdose victim


A Missouri man in St. Charles County reportedly tried to kill firefighters who brought him out of a potentially deadly overdose on Monday.

Two O’Fallon Fire Department workers and a Paramedic were dispatched to a call of an unconscious individual, determining that he had overdosed on narcotics. When a dose of Narcan was given to reverse the effects, the man reportedly grabbed a gun from under his box spring and attempted to shoot his rescuers.

Upon the paramedic’s cry of “gun!”, the firefighters pinned the man down and attempted to free the firearm from the patient. One round was fired into the wall during the struggle.

“It was pretty unnerving to say the least,” OFD Chief Tom Vineyard said. “We want people to know the dangers we face on a daily basis. Sometimes what seems to be a routine call turns out to be anything but routine.”

The chief also noted that the two firefighters were sent home for the day after the incident had been resolved.

“They were in no frame of mind to get back on a firetruck,” he said.

According to the St.Louis Post-Dispatch, it is uncertain if the patient will face charges.


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