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Firefighters angry over their depiction in chief, city manager’s video


Two California firefighters in the city of San Luis Obispo have filed complaints against their chief and city manager following a video jokingly portraying SLOFD firefighters as “sexy.”

The video -which was played at the SLO Chamber of Commerce’s annual dinner- portrays SLOFD Chief Garret Olson being asked by Commerce employees if “hot firefighters” will be at the banquet. The cheesy video then shows Commerce employees and City manager Katie Lichtig wearing novelty “muscle man shirts” and fire helmets, rapping (poorly) about all the things the city does.

Image credit:  Video
Image credit: Video

Despite being what seems to be a hokily benign joke at Chief Olson’s expense, two firefighters -and their Local 3523 union- feel the video sexually objectifies firefighters.

“When the video was first created, the intention was for it to be good-natured, entertaining, self-deprecating again, with no desire to be disrespectful to anybody. I stand here to be accountable and apologetic to anyone that was offended by the video,” said Olson. “I’m not here to defend my actions, I’m here to apologize to anyone that was offended.”

View full video here:

Both Olson and Lichtig are now facing an internal investigation thanks to the two irate firefighters, one of which felt the video was a waste of city resources.

“I produced the video myself and I did it on my own time with my own resources. I did it on my personal computer. No city resources were used,” said Olson.

According to KSBY, the city attorney stated that the inquiry is currently being conducted with independent investigators.


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