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Firefighter on verge of losing everything after placing hidden camera in bathroom


A former firefighter in Texas is accused of planting a hidden camera in the fire station’s bathroom is now on the verge of losing everything he held dear.

Former Dallas Fire-Rescue firefighter Craig Lawrence was arrested on charges of attempted invasive visual recording after allegedly placing a fake USB charging device (which contained a camera) in the bathroom.

During a Thanksgiving Day event, a fellow firefighter’s wife took the device for use, and the device was discovered to be a camera after further examination by her husband

According to Yahoo!, The husband did not mention to anyone that the device worked as a camera, as he was new to the job and did not wish to draw attention to himself.

Two months after the incident, Captain Daniel Puente discovered the camera and demanded to know who placed it. Realizing Lawrence was acting nervously, the captain pressed the issue and Lawrence confessed, claiming he did not know the device could work as a camera.

“I’m about to lose everything,” Lawrence told his boss. “I’m going to jail. I’m going to lose my job and my kids, [my wife] is going to divorce me.”

Lawrence was placed on administrative leave, but later resigned, joining another town’s fire department.

Investigators executing a search warrant on Lawrence’s home found several incriminating items, including “sexual” props and a drawing of a firefighter using the toilet. Searching his internet history, police found that Lawrence visited several “voyeur” porn sites, which often showed women using the bathrooms in restrooms.

Booked into the Dallas County Jail on Wednesday, Lawrence has been placed on administrative leave by his new employers.

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