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Firefighter in hot water after lewd comments about EMT over radio


A lieutenant with the Aurora Fire Department is in hot water after lewd commments he made about a female EMT were broadcast over the radio.

According to The Denver Channel, the incident happened in March and the call came in as a medical dispatch, where it was recorded.

“This is going to be … 73-year-old female, conscious and breathing. Looks like knee pain from a fall,” the dispatcher said in the recording.  

“Engine 11 copies and you can show us on scene,” the lieutenant replied.

What follows is a series of offensive statements from the lieutenant with Aurora Fire Engine 11.

With his mic still on, the lieutenant says the EMT’s first name followed by, “The department bicycle. Everyone gets to ride her (laughter).” This was heard by everyone.

The recording shows the lieutenant received a warning from the dispatcher.

“Engine 11, open mic on Tac 2,” says the dispatcher.

The lieutenant then makes another derogatory statement, this time about a female ranking officer he addresses by name.

“She was the top dog there (laughter),” the lieutenant says.

He then received another warning.

“Engine 11, open mic Tac 2. Engine 11, open mic Tac 2,” the dispatcher repeated.

A spokeswoman from the City of Aurora assured that they are looking into the incident.

“The city can confirm that there is a current open investigation and an employee is on paid administrative leave,” she said in a statement.

The female EMT says she is embarrassed and considers the act sexual harassment, a hostile work environment and defamation of character.

Aurora Fire has yet to make a comment on the situation.

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