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Firefighter earning 136k a year on disability caught moonlighting as a stunt man

John A. McGinty (LinkedIn)

An FDNY retiree -who is bringing in over $100,000 a year in disability has been caught moonlighting as a stuntman.

John A. McGinty, who hung up his helmet in 2016 after a quarter-century of service, is reportedly making $136,684 a year in disability pension.

Despite being “disabled,” McGinty seemingly has no problem making a little side cash as “John Mack,” a daring stuntman.

According to the New York Post, McGinty’s LinkedIn page states that he is adept at fighting, driving stunts, falls below 30 feet and small fires.

To make matters worse for the retiree, there is no escaping his involvement, as his personal cell phone number is at the bottom of one website page that advertises his services.

On the Internet Movie Database, McGinty has over 33 TV stunt film credits, as well as billings that indicate he was also working while still with the FDNY.

McGinty was outed by his neighbors, who allegedly claim he is rather uncouth towards them.

“McGinty is disabled and we watched him build a new porch on his house,” said one neighbor who lives nearby in Neponsit/Rockaway Park. “How can you be a stuntman and have a disability with the Fire Department? I don’t get it.”

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