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Firefighter disagrees with discipline of sarcastic social media post


An Iowa firefighter of the Cedar Falls Fire Department is feeling flat-faced after the Cedar Falls City Council upheld a disciplinary action regarding a sarcastic post he submitted to social media during heavy flooding last September.

Following two hours of grueling testimony, council members voted 6-0 to punish CFFD firefighter Shane Farmer, who posted a humorous post on social media that was taken the wrong way.

The post was meant as a sarcastic way of telling individuals in flood zones to evacuate.

“If I have to come get you in a boat because you were smarter than the weatherman or too stubborn to leave your property you will get a stern talking to on the boat ride to dry land,” he wrote, adding that “A case of beer may also be requested as punishment for your poor decision.”

Farmer claims that even though he was only verbally reprimanded, he thought the action was unfair.

I have been unjustly disciplined,” he told The Courier. “I have maintained throughout this grievance process that I have done nothing wrong. The post was lawful and did not violate any city policy.”

Several local residents cited that they were offended by the post, filing a complaint with the Chief. Despite the complaints, Farmer was given the lightest sentence possible- though it could still hurt his career.

Council member Frank Darrah said to Farmer, “It’s very obvious to me you love your job. You care about your job. You’re probably very good at your job. You made a mistake in this situation. I sure hope it doesn’t have you give up on what you’re doing. It’s a learning experience. Hang in there.”

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