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Firefighter designs software so crews know what’s on scene before arrival


A volunteer firefighter in Oregon has launched a news project to allow firefighters to coordinate incident response details through digital technology.

Mike Speiser is a computer programmer by day who volunteers as a firefighter in the Eugene area. Launching a software called EnRoutePro, it helps emergency crews know what they are getting into.

Firefighter Mike Speiser, a computer programmer by day, aims to help fire and rescue crews before they are on scene.

 “Our biggest customer is Boston Fire. Boston is using it to coordinate their fire and police agencies and share information across their fleet. But they’re not using this new version yet, we haven’t shown them the new one yet. We hope to soon,” said Speiser of the software, EnRoutePro. “We have fire departments in Pennsylvania, a few in New York, a few in Massachusetts, a few in Iowa, a few in Washington state, a few in California.”

According to KVAL, the system replaces precious time fumbling with maps and trying to get information through dispatch. FIrst responders can input the information themselves and upload both location and situational alerts to the system, which is then run through dispatch.

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