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Firefighter chooses path less traveled, returns to duty after leg amputation


There is nothing typical about Fishers, Ind., firefighter Lt. Brandon Anderson, and when he was faced with life-changing decisions, he knew he had only one choice — defy the odds.

Anderson, a 15-year-veteran firefighter, had to have his right leg amputated above the knee from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident.

During his recovery, he tells FOX News he had to make a decision — walk away from the job or defy the odds.

“And when I came to that fork in the road, I knew it was about taking the narrow hard path. Which I knew would be difficult,” Anderson tells FOX News.

Anderson’s path took him on a 10-month journey of intensive rehab sessions and grueling training just to gain the strength he needs to perform his duties.

Anderson’s captain tells FOX News there were some who doubted Anderson would make a return to duty, but now those doubters are eating their words.

“Someone drew the line here of what physical ability was, and Brandon said no, that’s not the line, we’re going to move that line,” Fishers Fire Department Captain John Mehling tells FOX News.

FOX News reports Anderson resumed full duty in June proven there’s nothing any firefighter can do that he can’t.

While Anderson’s story is certainly one of self-determination and perseverance, he tells FOX News the road to recovery and his return to duty is not all on him. He says he couldn’t have made it without tons of support, particularly from his family.

“I can do the physical stuff. It may take me a while, but I can figure it out, I can push through that. But the three of them have just been a huge rock of support for me,” he tells FOX News.

Now Anderson tells FOX News he hopes his journey can inspire others.


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