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Firefighter catches baby from the second story of a burning building


A Minnesota assistant fire chief with the North St. Paul Fire Department has seen a lot of precipitation in his life- but until recently, he’s never seen babies falling from the sky.

But such was the case on Sunday afternoon when he was forced to catch a falling infant tossed from a burning building.

“I heard a call for help, scanned the building and saw a dad coming out with his baby,” North St. Paul Assistant Fire Chief Dustin Kalis said.

When the father of the child was forced to find an alternative to the smoky apartment hallway, he knew he had to entrust his daughter’s life in Kalis’ upturned head and capable hands.

“He came out, baby in arms. I got underneath and said let her go, we’re ready, he dropped her, I caught her, passed her off to another firefighter to check her out, and then he made his way down as we coached him down from the balcony as well,” Kalis described.

Fortunately, Kalis’ hand-eye coordination was on point.

“I can’t imagine what that dad was going through. I’m glad I could help out and it didn’t get any worse and the outcome was good,” Kalis told KSTP.

Both father and daughter are unharmed.

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