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Firefighter calms couple by playing piano after emergency call


A Washington firefighter helped calm panic-stricken residents of a Monroe residence after they had a terrifying false alarm from their carbon monoxide detectors.

Greg and Meagan Bennett were settling in for the night when one of their two carbon monoxide alarms sounded. After resetting the alarm, the went about their business. Two hours later, the second alarm sounded, prompting the couple to call the fire department.

Enter one of Snohomish County’s finest, Bryan Kerr, who showed up with four other firefighters after the initial responding crew found conflicting alarm readings.

After the situation had been resolved, Kerr noticed the 1920s era piano in the home and asked if he could play it.

To everyone’s surprise, Kerr busted out a delightful rendition of “Clocks,” a Coldplay song that sounds particularly soothing on a piano.

“It started out as a super stressful, annoying situation and this just really made our night. It was awesome!” Meagan told King5 News.

Kerr is a member of Snohomish County Fire District 7.

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