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Firefighter backs ladder truck into firehouse, now both out of commission


A Connecticut firehouse is being stabilized, and the Cohanzie Fire Company’s ladder truck is being evaluated for repair after a firefighter’s foot slipped from the brake to the accelerator causing the truck to slam into the building.

According to NBC News in Connecticut, the crash happened just before 8:15 p.m. on July 9, police said. Firefighter Mark Parker, 49, was returning from fueling one of the engines.

NBC News says Parker, according to police documents, said his foot slipped from the break and onto the accelerator. He hit a support column between the bays, “pushing it backwards on an angle and separating the bay doors from the building.”

There’s visible damage to the ladder truck’s nozzle and water pipe, writes Bruce Miller, director of fire services for the Town of Waterford, in email to NBC News.

He tells NBC News he’ll get a full understanding of the damage after the manufacturer’s repair personnel evaluate the rig.

If a new truck is needed, it could cost an estimated $1 million dollars, Miller tells NBC News, but he does not expect the repairs to be that extensive.

NBC News reports Miller said Parker is a 23-year career firefighter with the Waterford, but said in his email he couldn’t comment on any other personnel employment details.

A neighbor to the firehouse witnessed the crash.

“I heard him beep, beep, beep. All of a sudden, slam! (Parker) turned around and he realized what he had done,” Jim Campbell tells NBC News that he watched what happened from across the street.

NBC News reports there are no reported injuries and no toxicology testing, since there is no suspicion Parker was under the influence at the time of the accident, Waterford Police Lt. David Burton tells NBC News.

“I felt bad for the guy, actually. I really did,” Campbell said.


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