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Firefighter Apologizes For Picture With Bikini-Clad Teens


A city firefighter was reprimanded for having his picture taken in front of a firetruck with two bikini-clad teenage girls he met while inspecting a building. Fire Capt. James Hall, 36, a 12-year department veteran, also was asked to write an apology.

Hall said he asked the girls if they wanted to get their pictures taken in their bikinis in front of a fire truck. The girls were wearing tops over their bikinis and were headed to a swimming pool.

The mothers of the girls said the punishment was insufficient.

“If this was just an average Joe off the street, that would be different,” said Leigh Ann Walters-Dell, mother of one of the girls photographed July 12. “But these are people we trust to take care of emergency situations.”

Vikki Weiner, the mother of the second girl, called the penalty “a slap on the wrist.”

Safety Director Bernard Hunt and Fire Chief James Scott said the punishment was sufficient.

Hall was off-duty and beginning vacation Friday and was unavailable for comment, according to the fire department. The department agreed to pass along a message seeking comment.

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