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FDNY rookies answer their first big call, save two babies from blaze


Two Rookie FDNY firefighters saved two small boys who were trapped in a Brooklyn fire on Thursday.

Answering their first big call, Christopher Rossi and Dominic DiBiase of Ladder 149 rushed to a blaze in Sunset Park, where a mother and two children were trapped in a basement.

“I knew we had to get in there quickly,” said FDNY Capt. Christopher Kane. “When we got to the base of the stairs, the fire rolled over our heads.”

Taking his two rookies with him, Kane found the situation below to be dire.

“A woman and the baby were huddled in the room, cowering in the corner,” Kane said. “They were by a basement window, so we asked a team outside to cut the bars so we could pass them through.”

“The father was screaming there was a baby in there, so I went to search under the bed and came across the child,” DiBiase said. “I carried him in my arms…His head was on my shoulder. I tried to shelter him best I could.”

According to the New York Daily News, both boys were rushed to the hospital and are expected to recover.

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